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Multi-channel vertical packaging machine


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Multi - channel vertical packaging machine series

Multi-channel vertical packaging machine is mainly suitable for the soft bag packaging of granule, powder, liquid, pill and paste materials in medicine, food and health products industries.

The measuring device can be reasonably matched according to the characteristics of packaging materials. For example, particles with good fluidity, seasonings, desiccant, coffee or powder with excellent fluidity can be measured by measuring cup. Powder with poor fluidity, such as milk powder, collagen powder, probiotics, panax notoginseng, etc., should be measured by screw. Pills and tablets shall be measured by measuring cup or counting; Liquid materials are measured by liquid pump, etc.

The machine can automatically complete intelligent measurement of packaging materials, packaging bag forming, batch number printing, filling, heat sealing, single bag or joint bag cutting and other procedures.

Through the counting device of bag sorting machine, a complete automatic packaging production line can be formed, which can be connected with the box packing machine of the corresponding model, and then connected with the online weighing elimination feedback adjustment device, manual folding machine, weight selection name, heat shrink wrapping machine (strip wrapping machine), unpacking machine, packing machine and other equipment.

Packaging: according to customer demand can be four side sealing, three side sealing, back sealing, shaped bags;

According to measurement method, there are multi-channel vertical granule packaging machine, multi-channel vertical powder packaging machine, multi-channel vertical liquid packaging machine, multi-channel vertical pill/tablet packaging machine.



Packaging materials

Granule, powder, liquid, pill, tablet, etc

Measurement methods

Granule/pill - measuring cup; Liquid - liquid pump, powder - screw metering; Pills/tablets - Quantitative measurement (depending on material characteristics)

The load demand

To be determined (according to customer requirements)

The load precision

Determine the loading amount, and confirm the material after testing (general conventional material loading amount ≥5g, and the loading accuracy error is ±3%)

Membrane width size

Max320mm、Max500mm、Max600mm、Max750mm(other dimensions customized)

The channel number of columns

2-12 channels (matching equipment with corresponding film width and size according to packaging material characteristics, loading and production capacity requirements)

Packaging form

Back cover (pillow bag/strip bag)


≤45 bags/min/single column (depending on material characteristics and loading amount, material testing is required)

The sealing form

Stripe and reticulate (optional configuration)

Cut off the way

Flat cutting, tooth type cutting and round corner cutting (one of three configurations)

Bag of wide

20mm-80mm(other dimensions need to be customized)

Long bag

75mm-160mm(other sizes need to be customized)

Package is installed membrane

Aluminum plating film, paper - plastic composite film, PE film, OPP, dupont film, etc

Code way

Ribbon marking/laser marking

Electrical source

220 v / 50 hz single-phase

The compressed air


Equipment features:

High degree of automation, using touch screen and undetermined reliable PLC control, bag making, metering, filling, sealing, code typing, bag cutting at one time.

According to the characteristics of the material to recommend a reasonable measurement method, convenient and accurate;

Considering the characteristics and loading precision of packaging materials, the material to be packed is loaded with hoppers. According to the characteristics of packaging materials, the measurement method is recommended to be convenient and accurate.

Stable and reliable servo horizontal sealing and pulling bag, the bag pulling speed is stable, the tension is balanced, the packaging film is not deformed, for different thickness, material of the packaging film applicability.

The machine adopts modular standardized design, high interchangeability of parts, electrical components, connectors, bearings;

According to different materials, adopt different feeding way, and can be equipped with automatic feeding device.

Photoelectric tracking color code is adopted to set the bag length and servo control to ensure the bag drawing is fast and smooth and the size is accurate.

Optional cutting methods: flat cutting, tooth cutting, round corner cutting and special-shaped cutting

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