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Large bag powder packing machine


one Product Description:

The packaging machine according to the national GMP standard design, mainly for easy dispersion of ultrafine powder and high precision packaging requirements and the development and design, according to the weight of the containers in the following the signal of sensor are double speed filling, metering and lifting work, suitable for packing additives, carbon powder, dry powder fire extinguishers and other super fine powder, and the precision requirement of powder, etc. The main body of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, the motor, cylinder, electrical accessories, pneumatic components and other well-known brands are selected.

two Main features of large bag powder packaging machine:

· A weight sensor is installed under the container tray for fast and slow filling according to the pre-set weight to ensure high packing accuracy.

· The servo motor drives the tray to rise and fall, and the rise and fall speed can be set arbitrarily, so there is basically no dust lifting out to pollute the environment during filling.

· Servo motor and servo drive control screw, with stable performance and high precision.

·PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface display, easy to operate.

· All stainless steel structure; Combined material box is very convenient for cleaning.

· Filling head is equipped with adjustable height device, which can easily achieve multiple specifications of packaging.

· Fixed screw installation structure, material properties will not be affected during filling.

· Working process: artificial bagging or artificial placing container → container rises → rapid filling, while the container drops → weight reaches the pre-value → slow filling → weight reaches the target value → stop → manually removing the container. Pneumatic bag holding device and can holding device are available. Only different devices can be selected to meet the requirements of canning and bagging.

3. Technical parameters and configuration of large bag powder packaging machine:

1) Metering method: weighing screw filling

2). Packing weight: 5-25kg

3). Packaging accuracy: ≤±0.1%-±0.3%

4). Packing speed: 2-3bags /min (depending on materials on site)

5). Power supply: three-phase 380V 50Hz

6) machine power: 4.15KW

7). Machine weight: 380Kg

8). Capacity of material box: 90L

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