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A brief discussion on the working principle of the irrigation machine

Issuing time:2018-05-18 16:52

Press the normal workflow:

Press the start button to transfer the wheel and the filling machine to start. Then press the start button of the conveyor belt and the bottle-feeding conveyor belt of the filling machine will start. After the bottle enters the conveyor belt, it is fed into the bottle tray lifting mechanism with equal space by the transfer wheel.

When the tray detects pressure, the tray piston puts a pressure on the tray lifter and the tray begins to rise with the bottle. During the rise time of the tray, the maximum rise time is 6S. If the pressure is detected by the fixing heart cover of the liquid injection port, the tray will stop rising, and then the air valve will be opened and CO2 will be filled into the bottle. Maximum inflation time is 6S.

When the air valve detects air pressure, stop filling CO2, open the liquid valve and start filling. The filling time is 6S. After the completion of the filling, the tray will start to descend. During the descending process, the liquid valve will be closed, the return pipe will work, and the exhaust and deliquid operation will be opened. After the drop, the bottle is turned at a certain Angle and sent out by the transfer wheel, while the bottle tray continues forward into the next cycle.

When defective products are detected:

1. When the defective products explode:

Connect to the normal filling process. When the maximum tray time rises by 6S, and the pressure is not detected in the fixed center cover of the liquid injection port (the bottle is broken and the height is insufficient), the tray will start to drop. Meanwhile, the defective product prompt light will be on, and the tray will drop by 6S. After descending the tray waits to enter the next cycle. At the same time, the defective detector started.

2. When the defective product is broken bottle:

Connect to the normal filling process, when the maximum charging time is 6S, the air valve does not detect the air pressure (broken bottle, CO2 filling is not enough), then stop charging CO2, at the same time, the bottle tray starts to drop, defective product prompt light is on, the tray drops for 6S, after the drop, the tray waits to enter the next cycle, and the defective product detector starts at the same time.

This method is mainly used for filling viscous materials, such as filling tomato paste, ground meat, toothpaste, balsam, etc. Sometimes can also be used for a kind of soft drink soda filling, then rely on the air pressure of soda itself directly into the bottle without inflatable isobaric, so as to improve the filling speed, the formation of foam because there is no colloidal soda is still easy to disappear, filling quality has a certain impact.

For general edible liquid materials such as bottled milk, bottled wine, carbonated drinks, etc., isobaric filling method and vacuum filling method can be adopted. However, considering the cost, isobaric filling method can effectively reduce the loss of CO2, maintain the quality of gas beverages, prevent excessive flooding in the filling, and ensure the accuracy of filling measurement. So this paper adopts the isobaric filling method.

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