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Shanghai powder filling machine equipment product features

Issuing time:2020-01-09 14:22


Shanghai powder filling machine is an automatic metering filling line for granule powder and other materials. It has the functions of automatic can feeding, feeding, metering, filling and printing. According to the needs of users can be configured with weight inspection, metal detection, sealing, capping and other functions, all parts contact with materials are stainless steel, the whole machine by PLC centralized control. It has the advantages of high precision and fast speed. Shanghai Powder filling machine product features:

1. Designed as a second weighing supplement to improve the accuracy and speed.

2. The structure and layout of powder filling equipment are reasonable, and it is very convenient to change packaging varieties and clean up.

3. Color touch screen man-machine interface, full Chinese (English) display each working status, operation instructions, etc., easy and intuitive operation. The packaging weight can be adjusted at any time, the operation mode can be changed at any time at a glance, and the fault alarm is given.

4, PLC work stability, anti-interference, high weighing accuracy, fast speed.

5. The filling is driven by servo motor: high positioning accuracy, large torque, long life and adjustable speed.

6. Automatic empty tank peeling cycle function.

7. Various product adjustment parameters can be stored for later use. Zui can store 10 more formulas.

8. Replace the screw accessories, which can adapt to various materials from ultrafine powder to large particles.

9. Powder filling equipment has the functions of holding tank, vibration and dust collection.

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