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What are the classifications of powder packaging machines

Issuing time:2018-09-27 09:38

Powder packaging machine is divided into active powder back sealing packaging machine and three side sealing screw metering packaging machine; Powder packaging machine also known as powder packaging machine, and particle packaging machine is known as the two main packaging machine center

Automatic powder back packing machine

Basic Features:

The machine is controlled by the most advanced microcomputer chip in the world, with the help of photoelectric eye tracking detection, and is accurately sealed and cut in two packages. The machine can be equipped with coding machine and air clamping or inflating equipment. This machine is suitable for all kinds of powder such as lotus root powder, sesame paste, soybean milk powder, powder materials active packaging.

Technical parameters:

Packing speed: 40-80bags/min

Bag-making length: 30-180mm

Bag making width: 25-145mm (bag making device and vertical sealing mold need to be replaced)

Packing capacity: T1:1-10ml T2: (5-25ml) T3: (20-150ml)

Power consumption: 1.2KW

Machine weight: 300kg

Dimensions: 650*850*1650mm

Packing: Back cover

Three side sealing screw measuring and packing machine

Basic Features:

The machine is equipped with dual CPU microcomputer control system, 5-inch LCD display in Chinese or English, humanized operation interface, cursor active detection and tracking, operation is more brief. Equipped with high precision stepping motor to ensure the accuracy of cutting position of each packaging bag.

Function: select bevel screw to push blanking, the packaging process can be directly adjusted the packaging components, adjustment process without stopping, useful to improve work efficiency. Can choose to be equipped with coding machine, gas, exhaust and vacuum equipment.

Use: This machine is suitable for active measuring and packaging of powder, such as milk powder, soybean milk powder, sesame paste, lotus root powder, dye powder, seasoning powder, medicine powder, etc.

Technical parameters:

Packing speed: 30-75bags/min

Bag-making length: 30-150mm

Bag making width: 30-145mm

Packing capacity: see type below

Power consumption: 1.2KW

Machine weight: 250kg

Dimensions: 650*850*1800mm

Packing: three side seal

HLB4-320 at L1-3-15 ml

At HLB4-320-10 to 60 ml L2

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