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Do you know the factors related to the service life of the automatic packaging machine?

Issuing time:2018-06-19 16:18

The two factors that buy packing machine to concern most, one is working efficiency, one is service life. The efficiency of the packaging machine at the time of purchase must meet our daily production needs. The most important thing is the service life while meeting the production needs. What are the factors that affect the service life of the packaging machine?


One, packaging machine material

Good material. How about the service life of the packaging machine, the most basic is to see whether its structure is vulnerable to damage, some key components are easy to appear in the application process of aging and other phenomena, and this is fundamentally related to the manufacturers in the manufacture of equipment when the material used. Material quality packaging machine equipment, will have a better guarantee in terms of life.

Ii. Packaging machine design

Stable structure. Packaging machine through each part of the respective function play, achieve good packaging effect, any component problems, equipment can not keep the normal function play, so it seems that its life is bound to be related to the structure, the overall design of the scientific nature and advancement, is to ensure the packaging machine life of the prerequisite.

Three, the use of packaging machine

Everyone in the use of automatic packing machine, need to check the work also has two aspects, namely the daily inspection in the process of using, as well as the regular overhaul, including daily check is simpler, can be visually observed by operating personnel structure, regular examination is more complete, professional and technical personnel to thoroughly.


For inspection found problems to solve: daily check the automatic packing machine is a kind of means, is not the final purpose, and the final purpose is to optimize equipment maintenance, we should pay attention to the inspection found problems to be resolved in a timely manner is good, can buy good packaging equipment, on the basis of a more effective play to the life of the packaging machine equipment.

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